Book Title
Summery(3 Sentences)- Begining- Middle-End
Teachers Initials
1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
J.K. Rowling
Harry goes to Hogwarts and Sirius Black has escaped Azkaban.-Harry helped catch Black finds out he was framed.-Harry goes back in time to save Black.
NRM 9-4
2. Lin Spired
Mike Yorkey and Jesse Florea
Jeremy Lin`s childhood-Lin gets drafted in to the NBA and is not meeting his teams goal for him.-Jeremy works hard and becomes a star.
NRM 9-4
3. The Dead of Night
Peter Lerangis
Amy, Dan, and Jake are trying to save Atticus, Jake`s little brother.-They have to find a "stale orb" for the mysterious Vesper 1.-They got the orb and gave it to Vesper 1.
NRM 9-4
4. Mr.Poppers Penguins
Richard and Florence Atwalter
Mr.Popper finished his busy season and reseves a packege from Amraild Drake.-He got more penguins,started a show whit them, and, sadly,had to give them back.-When he had to give them back, he got to go with them.
NRM 9-4
5. Vespers Rising
Rick Riorden, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman, and Jude Watson
In the first book, Gridion Cahill is killed by a Damian Vesper. In the second book, Gridion`s daughter Madiline must run away from Damian Vesper; she ends up living in royalty with her brother Luke, but when he finds out she is not who he thought she was, she runs away. In the therid book, Grace Cahill, a decendent of Madiline, wants to find Gidions ring her father had, so she sets out to find him, and lastliy, in the fourth book, Amy and Dan Cahill, Grace`s Grandkids, are just learning about the Vespers power.
NRM 10-1
6. The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Brian Selznick
Hugo lives in London`s Grand Central Station as the Timekeeper, but nobody knows about him untill he gets cought by one of the shop clerks, when the clerk takes Hugos notebook. Hugo follows the clerk home and he meets his godchild Isabelle, how helps him get his notebook back, when they find out that the clerk was a movie maker a long time ago. Hugo gets cought by the station manager and is about to go to jail, but the clerk and Isabelle save him.
NRM 9/19
7. The Hobbit
J.R.R. Tolkien
A young hobbit named Bilbo Baggins mets this wizard, Gandalf the Grey, who needs him for a quest to stop a rampaging dragon known as Smaug.- The 2 begin their quest,but Gandalf gets help. Gandalf finds Thoir Oakshield and his company of dwarfs and elves. On the journey, Bilbo mets Gollum, a weird looking creature that tries to destroy him, but Bilbo escapes with a ring of power.-Bilbo and the gang get to the dragon,and luckely,destroies him with the ring. They all return to their homelands, and live happily ever after.
nrm 10-1
8.The Seventh Level
Jody Feldman
Travis Raines is getting tested by his school to see if he can become part of the Legends, the schools top secret soiety. - To prove him self, he must complet many difficult challendges, and to make things worse, he is being watched by the Vice-Principal and his parents. - After a long time of completing tasks, he becomes a Legend.
nrm 10-1
9. Secret Under the Floorboard
Ken Munro
Sammy Wilson and Brian Helm must help Joshua Glick find his brother Aaron, who is in a blackmail sceme. Joshua takes them to his farm where they look for clues, and they find a caset tape about Aaron`s blackmail sceme, right before Aaron and another man came to look for the tape and some kind of pill. The team goes to Conestoga Investigations to get help from Detective Phillips and to examane the pills. The pills seem to be alright so they go outside to find a message by a mysterious person that has clues on how to get to Aaron and they also find a old yearbook of from Aarons college. They find Aaron and he tells them that his is inecent by telling his side of the blackmail story. Thanks to Aarons info, they found the blackmail extange place, but they are to late to stop the trade, so they gather everyone Aaron new in the blackmail and they find out two things, one, Chuck Henderson was the one that framed Aaron, and two, Aaron was not Aaron, but Aaron`s good friend Ryan Keller from college.
NRM 10-30
10. Lincoln`s Last Days
Bill O`Reilly
The book is split into four parts. The first part is about the end of the Civil War and hoe the Union won the war. The second part is about the plot to kill Presidient Lincoln and how John Welkes Booth and the other consperitiors plan everything for that night. The third part is about the killing of Lincoln and how Booth escaped the theater and all the things that Dr. Leale did to try to save Lincoln. The fourth part is about how the consperitiors followed their trail, but not until Union soldiers started finding,killing, and inprisoning them.
NRM 10-30
11. Number the Stars
Lois Lowry
Annemarie Johansen and her family must help the Rosens to saftey from the Nazis. Annemarie takes the Rosens to he Uncle Henrik, along with her friend Peter, who takes more Jewish families to Henrik. The plan is to get them into Sweden, away from the Nazis. Annemarie realizes that Mr. Rosen let something Peter gave him, what she didn`t know is that that package was vital for the Jews to have. She has to run on a masterious path to the boat dock and deliver the packege, without running into Nazis.
NRM 10-30
12. Anne Frank : Diary of a Yong Girl
Anne Frank
Anne Frank and her family must move into the "Secret Annex" to protect them from the Nazis. In the book, she tells about all her adventures, suprises, and her life throught the book. You will have to read the book to find out what happens in the end.
NRM 11-27
13. Anne Frank in the World
The Anne Frank House
This book is about the Nazi`s taking over Germany and most of Europe. It also tells about Anne Frank`s life at the "Secret Annex" and how she was discoverd by the Nazi`s and died.
NRM 11-27
14. A Christmas Charol
Charles Dickens
This book is about an old man, Ebeneezer Scrooge, who is very stummbern and hates Christmas. On Christmas Eve, he gets visited by his old partner and friend, Jacob Marley. He tells Scrooge that he will be visited by 3 spirits, Christmas Past, Present, and Future. After going with the spirits, he reallizies that he was acting awful and changed his life style.
NRM 11-27
15. Fireball
Ken Munro
This time, Sammey and Brian have tosolve a house fire case.They first went to the courthouse to hear out the witnesses and get information on the case. After that, they tell Mr.Shelly, the owner of the burnt house, that they would try to solve the case for him.As they go to the witnesses, asking for information on thier opinion on Mr.Shelly, the start running into a man they call Deep Eyes. They dicied to do an ambush on the arasonist.With more evidence and the anbush attack,they find out who did the house fire.
NRM 11-27
16. Shatterproof
Roland Smith
Now in the series, Amy and Dan must steal a priceless diamond for Vesper One. After the disipountment of not getting it, the Cahill captives try to escape. Sadly, one of the captives fell off a water fall and we captured again. Now Amy and Dan must find a manuscript for him and you have to read the book to find out what will happen.
NRM 1-2
17. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Barbara Robinson
The Herdmans are awful kids that live in their local neighborhood. But know it is Christmas time and they want in an the annual Christmas pageant the local church holds. With the main condocter injuried, kids aguing,and when it all seems like it`s going to fall down, it might turn out to be the best pageant ever.
NRM 1-2
18. Storm Runners - The Surge
Ronald Smith
Chase Masters and his friends are traped in hurricane Emily. They must find gas to help them survive. Trying to avoide animals in the circuis they are hiding in, this will be a real challenge for him and his friend.
NRM 1/24
19. Stepping on the Cracks
Mary Dowing Hahn
In this book, Margret and Elizabeth are two friends living in World War II, but when they discover the bully of school, Gordy, and his two friends, Doug and Toad, are hiding a deserter from the army, they must help him get well before he dies.
NRM 1/24
20. Trust No One
Linda Sue Park
After their last job for the Vespers in Shatterproof, Amy, Dan, Jake, and Atticus half to find an anticent manuscripet in, so belived, Germany. They end up failing that by not finding it on time and their uncle, Alistar Oh, dies from the escape etemed. Now ferious with the Vespers, Amy runs away to think to herself while the others start preparing for their next place, Attleboro, Massacuttess.
NRM 2/28
21. A Wrinkle in Time
Madeleine L`engle
When an unexpected visitor goes to the Merry home, it`ll change their lives forever. Meg, her brother Charles, and Calvin O'Keefe, with the help of some strange visitors, must find Meg`s long lost dad by traveling through space, dimensions, and time.
NRM 2/28
22. A Mutiny in Time
James Dashner
When Dak`s parents get stuck in time, after creating a time travel device, Dak and his friend Sera must find them in time. They learn that the ruling nation, the SQ, has hiden lies, or "breaks" in time. They must join Riq and the rest of the Hystorians to fix the breaks and save time itself.
NRM 2/28
23. Where the Red Fern Grows
Wilson Rawls
When Billy gets the dogs he has been saving for for 2 years, he starts a great friendship with them. Billy is determain to be the best coon hunter in the state, but after training Old Dan and Little Ann, will an ecounter with a mountain lion be the end of them or not?
NRM 2/28
24. Divide and Conquer
Carrie Ryan
Now, are group of historians are in Paris in 885. Know at this time, Vikings are trying to destroy Paris and rule Europe. All was o.k, untill Dak is captured by the Vikings. Well he stay captive and watch Riq and Sera go with the city, or will he find an ally to help him.
NRM 4/9
25. Gifted Hands:The Ben Carson Story
Greg Lewis & Deborah Shaw Lewis
This book is about the life of Dr. Ben Carson. What suprised me in this book was how unliked he was in school. The main idea of the story is not to give up on what you want and when you devote something to God, and pray on it, you will succesed. When I grow up, I want to be an actor or an engineer for Disney. I think I could imply this books lesson into my life by trying harder in things I do.
NRM 4/9